JUVENTUS vs PORTO live streaming free #JUVPOR

JUVENTUS vs PORTO live streaming free #JUVPOR
Europe Champions League – 2020/2021
Kick off: 20:00
Date: Tue, 09-Mar-21



JUVENTUS vs PORTO live streaming free #JUVPOR

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JUVENTUS vs PORTO live streaming free #JUVPOR

Tuesday morning, Ronaldo cannot fail again. Given that he is 36 years old, it could be that this season’s Champions League will be his last dance.

And Juve is his best vehicle to win a sixth Champions League trophy, potentially a sixth Ballon d’Or trophy, to match the achievements of his eternal rival, Lionel Messi.

On the other hand, the final result of this Champions League may also determine the future of CR7, whose contract ends in June next year.

There are rumors, as quoted from the quotidiano website, that the Juventus camp has started to look at two other goal machines: Sergio Aguero, or Mauro Icardi to realize Champions League trophy ambitions, if this season fails. And that means Ronaldo will be thrown.

But Ronaldo is a guarantee of quality. His nickname as ‘Mr Champions League’ because he has scored 134 goals in elite competitions, making the team he defends always be more confident. With a record of 27 goals in 31 appearances in all competitions this season, CR7’s chances of scoring goals in this match are wide open.

Juventus looked dead and buried in this tie until Federico Chiesa grabbed an 82-minute away goal to ensure the game finished 2-1 to Porto. Now the Serie A giants will be considered favourites to advance from this tie.

Juventus have scored exactly three goals in each of their last three home games and have kept six clean sheets in their last seven on home soil, but don’t expect them to walk this match. The jury is still out whether Andrea Pirlo is the right coach for big matches.

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